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Grab and Go Station12


Grab n Go 12 Shelf Tower No Door for standard iPads to 14" devices with Just-A-StandX1216 - Blue Shelves, White Frame with rear door included

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PowerGistics Towers increase productivity with an intuitive vertical design that enhances your office environment while adding to your bottom line.

Barrier-Free Access: Eliminates the need for IT management of devices while saving space with our vertical design
Device Charging Management: Each cord is positioned in the front of the shelf ensuring the device is plugged in upon return
Device Cord Organization: Power cord is locked into each shelf eliminating tangled cords and protecting your investment
Industrial Quality: The station is comprised of a steel stand, aluminum shelves, and no plastic components. This ensures durability
Keep it cool: The open design invites air circulation and aluminum shelves help keep devices cool extending the life of devices
Tower Dimensions: 132.72cm H x 52.70cm W 57.66cm D

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