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Chrome Education Upgrade


Perpetual Upgrade to control a chrome device from the Google Admin Panel requires this form to be completed

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Chrome Education Upgrade

EDUCATION ONLY you must have a Google Education account and an .edu domain

Perpetual Upgrade to manage and configure more than 200 features and policies on a chrome device from the G Suite Admin Panel. 

Each Chrome Education Upgrade lasts for the lifetime of the device it is enrolled on.  Each device model is supported until it reaches End of Life. For more information about End of Life and the associated dates for each model, please visit the Chrome Auto Update Policy page.

Requires this form to be completed 

A few important points to note regarding Chrome Education Upgrade licenses

  1. When you purchase upgrades, they’re assigned to a pool until you use them to enroll standalone Chrome OS devices. Each upgrade covers the life of the device that it's enrolled to.
  2. If you encounter a hardware issue and need to replace a device, you can transfer the upgrade to another device of the same model (or equivalent manufacturer-provided replacement).
  3. You can’t transfer an upgrade from one device model to another in the same domain.
  4. You can’t transfer an upgrade to a device in another domain.
  5. Transfers are audited.
  6. We recommend reviewing the Auto Update policy for each device before you order a perpetual upgrade.

Manage, track, and organise users and devices without any extra time or effort. 

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