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Google Meet Management Upgrade - Annual


Google Meet - to control a chrome device from the G Suite Admin Panel, requires this form to be completed

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Google Meet Management Upgrade activates a Meetings Room device and Google Calendar to tied together by a "resource calendar" dedicated to that meeting room which can be reserved and managed by a controller such as reception or an EA.

An activated meeting room device works differently to a meet on your computer with dedicated touch screen or remote controls for easy use in high definition for both video and audio as default.

The license empowers technology staff to manage a monitor the meeting room for the best possible quality so that those in the room have a premium video conference experience.


  • • Meetings with anyone. Invite colleagues, customers or partners to join.
  • • Easy to deploy and manage.
  • • Secure by design and prevents "bombing"
  • • Integrated with Google Calendar rooms allowing reception or the EA to control room use.
  • • Video conferencing with anyone, anywhere no need for a Google login
  • • Chrome's video conferencing solutions run on Google's extensive global cloud network for guaranteed premium results.
  • • Instantly schedule meetings with dozens of internal and external participants.
  • • AI-enabled auto view selection and auto closed captions
  • • Blocks background noise in the audio
  • • Enhances low light situations
  • • Background blurring and substitution (beta)
  • • Up to 250 participants (G Suite Ent)
  • • Record meetings that store to Google Drive for viewing and sharing (G Suite Ent)
  • • Compatible with Youtube
  • • Fully encrypted from end to end


  • • Meet with colleagues on a wide choice of devices including on laptops, tablets, or smartphones using chrome browser or the Google Meet app (iOS or Android) in many types of environments.
  • • No need for quiet rooms or special lighting
  • • Simple to join meetings directly from Google Calendar or via a shared link
  • • Peace of mind that your meeting is secure and only those who are invited can attend
  • • Share your screen or presentation instantly.
  • • Integrates with all popular calendars including Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar
  • • Tech staff can fully control the meeting experience and instantly troubleshoot any user issues.
  • • Premium quality video and audio experience
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