Neverware CloudReady Enterprise bundled with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade - Annual license


Transform your old devices into machines that work.
With Neverware’s CloudReady and Chrome Device Management solution, you
can breathe new life into old devices and make your IT budget go further.

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Neverware’s CloudReady is now FREE with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or Chrome Education Upgrade licenses.

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Note: Min Quantity purchase is 5 

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CR085-030 + CROS-SW-DN-12MO-STD

Neverware CloudReady Enterprise bundled with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade - Annual license

Neverware’s CloudReady operating system is built to run on almost any computer from the last 10 years, turning them into fast devices using the same technology foundation as Chrome OS. The solution enables secure device management, with customisation of the device settings in line with school and organisation policies and the ability to lock down devices for exams or certifications.

CloudReady is a scalable way for businesses and schools to deploy the Chrome environment and can help extend your technology fleet and help to enable distance learning and working.

Benefits of CloudReady and Chrome Device Management

Easy management: Unify management of CloudReady devices & Chromebooks under a single policy set, with all user data encrypted.

Enable distance working and learning: Revive old devices that haven't been used, to grow your technology fleet and provide more devices to educators/students/workers.

Improve access to technology: Bring technology to more students and teachers, despite budgetary pressures.

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