Hangouts Meet Speakermic (Black)

Designed to make the audio capture and sound broadcasting crystal clear for the HANGOUTMEET hardware kit

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Designed with intelligence

Bring distraction-free meetings to every conference room.

The Hangouts Meet speaker-microphone is designed and built by Google from the ground up to deliver rich, immersive, crystal-clear 360˚ sound. It intelligently reduces echo and actively manages background noise.

Each speaker-microphone has four microphones to ensure clear pickup from up to 20 feet. Best-in-test echo cancellation ensures full-duplex communication without noise, echo or reverberation.

Daisy Chain

Daisy chain up to five speaker-microphones to cover a wider area. Each unit connects to the previous unit in the chain with an Ethernet cable, with only the last unit in the chain requiring external power.


  • Daisy chain up to 5 speaker-microphones together
  • Automatic firmware updates via the Chromebox
  • Active echo cancellation and background noise management
  • 360° sound input and output up to 20ft

Includes Ethernet cable, USB cable, Adapter and Adapter plugs 

Also available in White.
Warranty: 1 year swap





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